Pop Icons

pop icons 2013…..has now closed, look out for news of next years competition in the Summer of 2014


The Pop Icons Competition 2013 has limited spaces for auditions and any entries made after this number has been reached for each venue will not be counted. Please therfore make sure that you get your entry in as soon a spossible to make sure you have an opportunity to audition at one of the venues accross the region.



Q – What are the dates that my child needs to be available for?

Auditions (one of the following):

05/10/2013 – The Artrix, Bromsgrove

13/10/2013 – The Hive, Worcester

20/10/2013 – Evesham Town Hall, Evesham


The Bootcamps (you must be available both of the following):

27/10/2013 - The Hive, Worcester

28/10/2013 - The Artrix, Bromsgrove


The Production Rehearsals – all finalists who make it through bootcamp must attend one of the following.

You will find out your allocated time for the production rehearsal at bootcamp should you be chosen to proceed in the competition:

29/10/2013 – The Artrix, Bromsgrove

30/10/2013 – The Artrix, Bromsgrove


The Technical rehearsal and the Final are on (all finalists attend):

31/10/2013 – The Artrix, Bromsgrove


Q – Why havent I received and email telling me my audition time?

A –  Please check your spam filters and junk folders as the email will have been sent but you may not have seen it if it is in one of these folders


Q – How long will I have to sing for on my audition?

A – Everyone will be expected to sing for 1 verse and 1 chorus – or approximately 2 minutes of any part of your chosen song

N.B. Please understand that with the volume of entrants your audition will be restricted to this time constraint therefore it is no reflection on your singing ability if you are asked to stop at a mid point in a song

The panel of professionals will have been able to gauge your level of ability in that time


Q – When will I hear if i’ve got through to the Bootcamp?

A – No later than 27th September 2013


Q – Is there a fee to enter?

A – There is not a fee to enter the competition at the audition rounds although if you make it through to bootcamp you will be

expected to make a contributuion of £10.00


 Q – Can I audition more than once if my song doesn’t go well?

A – No. Your choice of song and the first time you perform it will be what you are judged on


Q – Can my parents or friends sit in on the audition?

A – No. They will be able to wait for you outside the auditorium


Q – Can I go to any of the bootcamps?

A – No. You must be free to attend both bootcamps. If you make it through Day 1 you will be required to be free to take part in Day 2.


Q – Do I have to attend the bootcamp and the Tech rehearsal day?

A – Yes. The tech day is for us to be able to rehearse with you in the space which the final is held in and allow us to make sure you know the details of your performance and help us with lighting cues and sound provision for your performance


Q – Will I have to stay all day on the audition days?

A – NO. Auditions are broken down into 4 hour blocks so you will be required to be present for your audition and it is your responsibility to be on time but once you have performed you may leave the venue

N.B. If you miss your timing block your entry will be discounted from the audition process


Q – Will my child be expected to be free on any dates other than that of the audition and the final?

A – YES. You should only apply if you can gaurentee being free on the dates of the auditions and also the dates of the bootcamp, the tech rehearsal and the final itself


Q – Will lunch be provided on any of the days?

A – NO. With so many entrants and so many dietary requirements these days we cannot fulfil them all and as such suggest a pack lunch for all of the days associated with the competition